Jacqueline Steenhuis

Love your Work; Amplify your Impact

You should be making a difference by doing your best work. Not fighting with technology, websites and communications!


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You went into business to do what you love, and what you are genius at.

But the technology and marketing part of it is dragging you down. Building websites, email lists and integrating schedulers are not how you like to spend your time.

You would like to be recognized for your brilliance and you need a beautiful website, with a positioning and communications strategy.

I can help you get all your business systems up and running, while you focus on what you do best in your business, whether that is consulting, making pies or teaching dance.

How I help

I help you navigate the marketing of your big vision and create a powerful professional brand that gets you noticed and recognized by the right people. We will create a strategic plan so that you work towards your impact, create content that will get you noticed and confidently stand out.

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Branding and Positioning

Build a brand that represents you online and in the content you create

A deep dive into your unique value propositions and how to highlight your contribution

Identify the ways to position yourself as the go to person.

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Clear Vision and Strategy

Identify your big vision

Create a strategic plan that aligns with your Big Vision.

Support services so that the content creation and brand maintenance fits with your schedule.


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Select the technology you need to stay organized in your business. Integrate the pieces from project management, task lists, calendars, websites or email lists.

Learn how your technology plays with each other, or use my “done for you” services to make sure it is playing nicely together.



tech tamer, researcher, strategist,content curator and tipsy copilot.

About Jacqueline


So how did an accomplished and well positioned research scientist become a Personal Branding and Positioning strategist?  My background in research science prepared me to solve diverse problems and approach each one with the attitude that it can be solved. I approach projects in a scientific and methodical way and test hypotheses and adjust as I go along. I use real data to adjust the strategy and digital marketing gives you real data!

While spending time at home with my young girls I did a variety of freelance and volunteer jobs, confidently accepting each challenge this offered. It was the Big Vision mindset that I brought to the freelance jobs and volunteer positions I held that made this work the perfect fit for me. I support people in discovering their authenticity and purpose, creating a brand and positioning themselves so they go from feeling restless and unfulfilled to becoming confident leaders, visionaries and game changers.

Why am I the tipsy copilot? I am the producer for Piloting Your Life, a podcast by Terri Hanson Mead. Occasionally I would be on the podcast with her as we drank champagne and talked about topics related to the interviews she had. Hence I became the tipsy copilot, in charge of brand management, content curation, and communication strategy.