How getting my Coffee at starbucks helped me go live on Facebook

I am very confident person in many ways. I consider myself outgoing and I easily chat with people in group settings. But I have a secret. I feel out of place at professional networking events. Approaching people I don’t know and making conversation and exchanging business cards and then find a way in which we can each help each other feels… awkward

Jacqueline Steenhuis
It might seem like wasting time

I need to remember to not always be doing. And sometimes, like today, tidying up and waiting for my kids in the car without doing anything during that time are the most important things to spend time on. Sometimes sketching is the most important thing. It is hard to remind myself to take the space in which my creativity can develop. Recently I listened to one of my favorite podcasts “StoryBrand” where they interviewed Juliet Funt. She talks about creating white space throughout your day

Jacqueline Steenhuis