Everyone has behavior patterns and unrevealed emotions and thoughts that affect their ability to take steps towards meeting their goals or making decisions. This is one of the reasons why it can be hard to change habits, or to make the next move in your personal or professional life. People come to coaching to gain clarity in what what is truly holding them back from taking a step forward towards their goals and dreams.

I use techniques in transformational life coaching, behavior change coaching and intuitive creativity to help my clients figure out what is at the root of their hesitation. Coaching with me is goal oriented, action based, and a co created partnership between me and my client.
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What my clients are saying about me?


"My name is James. It's rare that I write a review or testimony, about anything.  When Jacqueline offered me the opportunity to write one I jumped at the chance.

Jacqueline has been hugely helpful on my chosen path of growth.  I'm excited when we have a session. It gives me the opportunity to share in a safe comfortable environment.  Every session I'm given new tools to help me continue my growth,  when alone.  Tools that I share with others to help them. I'm very thankful for the privilege to work with her and hope the our relationship will continue. I encourage anyone looking to improve their lives to seek help from a life coach,  and recommend you see if Jacqueline is a fit."



"Jacqueline helped me to see how powerful I was and that I could go out in the world and do the things I wanted. Her coaching helped me get unstuck and move forward. I was still not as confident as I wanted to feel, but she helped me find my courage to do things anyway, regardless of how confident I felt. And I discovered the euphoria that comes after doing something that seems terrifying, like devising and delivering my first ever training session at work.

Jacqueline is a very warm and insightful coach. She helped me get right to the heart of how I was holding myself back and start taking small steps to move beyond it.

Laura – Transport Administrator"



"Jacqueline has helped bring new light to several of my struggles.  When I've felt stuck in my relationships, my career and health she's helped me go deeper and step into action.  She asks really insightful questions that I would never think about.  With her guidance I've been able to make shifts in my mindset that have propelled me forward and instigated change.  She is compassionate yet challenges me to see and do things differently.  She has helped me to identify and stick to my boundaries with compassion in difficult times.  She has helped me get real and explore what my challenges are in building my business and how I hold myself back.  She has worked with me to get in touch with my self confidence, truth and desires.  After our sessions I feel grounded.  Many sessions have resulted in feeling more at peace with the stuck place I'm at but also breathed new energy, passion and motivation into where I want to go."

Transformational Life and Wellness Coaching

Life, Food and Wellness Coaching in a supportive environment, with loving accountability to identify and work through obstacles that are keeping you stuck so that you can take confident action. We will have an hour long session every other week with weekly check in support. This process requires a 3 month commitment to create meaningful results.

Personal Brand Development

A three month program where we explore all aspects of your personal brand. Your personal brand is a place to identify your life purpose as well as deciding how your values and skills can be leveraged to live with purpose and passion. A well defined personal brand allows you to represent your authentic self and to position yourself so the right people and opportunities will find you.

Goal Setting and Strategy Session

A two hour session to formulate your goals, clarify your motivation and defining the strategy to achieve them. I offer optional accountability check in support at an additional cost. This session is for you if you easily make and keep resolutions and are self directed and goal driven.


Workshops and Group Programs

Currently I am not running a group program, but if you want to be notified of new offerings, sign up for the newsletter and you will be the first to know. You will be able to access pilot programs and get the early bird discounts.



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