Emotional Intelligence Workshops in honor of Children’s Day

For all people local to the San Francisco Bay area:
Join these free emotional intelligence workshops to develop your self-awareness and learn to use emotional intelligence to build better connection with others.
The pursuit of self-awareness helps us to know ourselves better – Emotions are data and knowing ourselves helps us to identify our feelings and recognize patterns in relation to ourselves and to others. In this workshop, we’ll become more aware of our Feelings, Thoughts, and Actions as one key step to building  more positive relationships — and therefore, a more positive world.

Adults and children who work and live together have important relationships. What is the “recipe” for a positive, supportive, healthy relationship? It can be challenging! For example, the U.N. Charter for the Rights of the Child says kids have the right to express their opinions – so they need skills to do that in a way that others can hear their opinions. And, adults and other children need the skills to hear those opinions – which is especially difficult when people see one situation in so many different ways. Fortunately, the skills of emotional intelligence can help!

In the first workshop you will learn:
  • To explore children’s Rights and share our feelings around these

  • To identify thoughts, feelings, and actions in a disagreement

  • To use your emotions,  thoughts, and actions to support to strengthen your relationships and connections with others.
In the second workshop you will learn:
  • What makes a healthy relationship

  • How your “Brain Style” helps and hinders relationships

  • What you can do to strengthen your connections with others

Who: Adults who work with or care for children — and children ages 9-14

What: Free workshop

When: First workshop on November 10th  3-4:30
          Second Workshop on November 17th 3- 4:30
Where:      Napa Dance Club 
                 560 El Camino Real
                  Redwood City CA
Save your space by registering here :
More information about 6 Seconds at www.6seconds.org
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