The exquisite is in the ordinary

Today was busy.


Tournaments, up at 6, driving, coaching calls, dance rehearsals, babysitting jobs, administrative work, driving.

By the time we were all home it was nearly 7 PM and we were hungry. The girls settled in with the binge watching of the Flash on Netflix while I fixed dinner. All three of us tired, ready to check out, never really connecting today. But that’s Okay, right?! There is always tomorrow! Tomorrow with a chance to be less busy, and perhaps a chance to hear about their lives and friends, their aggravations, their tolerations, their passions and their fears.

When dinner was ready, I assumed they would grab their plates and head back to the TV. Usually that is not what we do in my house but this seemed like an exception. They were tired, hungry, and in a Flash watching binge.

They sat down at table, the Flash paused midstride to save the day. They knew I would eat at the table, and they came… To connect, to tell me about the tournament, their pastimes, their friends. To hear about how my day was.

It is easy to miss these exquisite moments when they are disguised as the ordinary but trying to identify a small moment in my day when I felt joy. That was the moment. An ordinary quick dinner, at the dining room table, with my two teenage daughters. The end of my long day restored.

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