23 Random things about Me

  1. I like prime numbers for lists and I prefer to save my big celebrations for prime number birthdays.
  2. I did gymnastics when I was 7 years old.
  3. I was born in Eugene Oregon and went to college there too. That was not random.
  4. I grew up in the Netherlands and Belgium
  5. I lost 47 pounds over 7 years and kept them off for 5 years. While I do believe in health at every size, I am glad that I lost the weight as it allows me to access my passion for dancing. I am now an advocate for intuitive and mindful eating, real food, and moving in ways that bring you joy.
  6. I love to dance and dance with a salsa team. We perform occasionally around the Bay Area
  7. I love the magic of watching watercolor paint dry in the unpredictable way that it does.
  8. My favorite place is the beach
  9. My other favorite place is in the trees. Any trees, but I particularly love coastal redwoods and Giant Sequoias.
  10. I want to like Yoga, but can’t seem to be consistent in attending classes. I know I would like it more if I practiced more.
  11. I have a PhD in Biophysics and Biochemistry and worked with a Nobel Prize winner for a few years after graduate school
  12. I used to dance while no one was watching, to the record (vinyl!) of The Sound of Music in the study at my grandparents house. I wanted to take dance lessons but the ballet lessons offered near me were not inspiring. I finally took ballet in College for a year.
  13. I live in a bike friendly climate and a bike unfriendly town. I still try to ride my bike and I encourage my kids to get around that way as well. I was the first person in my town to get an extra cycle attachment that I would put both of my girls on and ride around town with them. That is how I picked them up from school. I am afraid on my bike all the time.
  14. I used to be terrified of public speaking. Now I love it, even if I still get nervous, I love getting up in front of people.
  15. I can’t stand celery
  16. I started journaling when I was 13 years old. It became more of a practice to process my thoughts and live purposefully when I was 17. It saved me when I was 23.
  17. The first personal development book I remember reading was “the 7 habits of highly effective people” by Steven Covey and it blew my mind. I still think it is a classic and important book.
  18. I organize myself on paper. I have a paper calendar and use a bullet journal.
  19. I am still looking for the perfect way to integrate my bullet journal, my writing journal and my sketchbook. I doubt I will ever be satisfied. I enjoy the process of looking for the system, and continuously buy new notebooks.
  20. Intuitive Collage and creativity transformed my life even though I wasn’t looking for transformation.
  21. I never thought I would ever drink Kombucha but now I like it. When I first encountered it in 1995, my mother in law had a Kombucha culture and it smelled really bad. I refused to drink it.
  22. When I was young I wanted to win a Nobel prize. A great uncle asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up and that was my answer.
  23. I studies Science because I felt I had to prove something as a woman. I still feel ambiguous about the fact that I am no longer in research or science.

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