Surviving? Do you know the alternative…

Dear Surviving,

Welcome to my safe space to transform the shape of your head, your heart, and your health.

Do you start out the day with intentions of being active, eating healthy meals and doing something that brings you joy?  At the end of the day, do you sink into the couch in front of the TV, after recycling the boxes your dinner came in, too exhausted and overwhelmed to worry about wether this life is the one you want? Are you still looking for the one time management system that will let you organize and fit in all the stuff you need to take are of?

It is hard to shape a gratifying life amidst the overwhelm of work, kids, volunteering and running a household.

I am a life coach who works with people who are feeling depleted and as if they are surviving from day to day stop giving themselves away. I help people find what they need to create harmony in their time, space and self so they can choose themselves and create a positive change in their world. I help people connect to fulfillment and purpose and shape a life with true wellbeing and vitality at its core.

I believe
-that in order to make a positive difference in the world, we have to choose ourselves
-that the shape of our attitudes, our time and our health is the shape of our lives
-that connecting to fulfillment and purpose can shape a life with true wellbeing and vitality at its core
-that planners and organizational systems are fun, help me feel safe and yet they are a tool for discovery not torture
-that I can dance in the Space time Continuum and make a difference while I am healthy, loving and fun
Try a free discovery session to see if working with me takes you closer to the life you dreamed possible as a kid.

3 thoughts on “Surviving? Do you know the alternative…

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    • Post authorReply

      Thank you for your thoughts! I will check out the blogs you mention. I am always working on improving my inner and outer experience of my world

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