What could you Achieve if you felt confident and good in your skin?


Living our best life is rooted in wellness but often we focus on the way we look instead of how we feel.

The French expression “Bien dans sa peau” goes deeper than just feeling good about the way you look. It is an attitude of feeling good about who you are from within and knowing that this will radiate out.

After years of coaching people through weight loss and behavior change, I discovered that the thing we most want is to feel confident and good in our skin. We want to feel vitality and enjoy life, and food as a part of that. We want to wake up and live our lives with purpose and be recognized and valued for what we add to the world. 

We have stopped trusting our bodies to tell us what is best for us. We eat for reasons other than hunger, such as stress, feeling sad or even feeling happy.  Our relationship with food reflects our relationship with ourselves, and how we manage our emotions.  Through understanding and working on the relationship with our emotions, with our purpose, with the world around us, we can get back to living with vitality and confidence.

I support my clients in evaluating where they are currently and mapping out the changes they want to make. I help people discover their vision for their best life and create strategies and habits that build confidence and vitality.

Know and represent your authentic self.

Create a purposeful and joyful life

Eat for wellbeing and enjoyment



Jacqueline is a very warm and insightful coach. She helped me get right to the heart of how I was holding myself back and start taking small steps to move beyond it.


Jacqueline has helped bring new light to several of my struggles. When I’ve felt stuck in my relationships, my career and health she’s helped me go deeper and step into action.


Every session gives me the opportunity to share in a safe comfortable environment, and I’m given new tools to continue my growth

photo by Ike Shin

I spent many years struggling with my weight. Even after I lost the weight with Weight Watchers I had to work hard to keep it off. Once I started working on my wellbeing from the inside out, using intuitive collage and journaling, it became easier to manage my emotions, and to manage my weight. This is how I discovered true vitality. I have studied emotional intelligence, transformational life coaching and mindful eating techniques. I have developed a holistic whole life view of wellness, which includes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

It was after becoming a leader with Weight Watchers that I discovered that my strength is in one on one coaching. Being able to help women explore their relationship with food and themselves creates lasting change that impacts every aspect of their lives. 

I am an experienced Behavior change and Transformational life coach. I know our thoughts and feelings drive our perceptions and actions. But when we are in the thick of it, we often can’t gain perspective on it without help. With my clients I use visualization, journaling and intuitive art practices to help them build vitality and confidence to go after their dreams and live life to the fullest.


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